Tuesday 27 October 2009

Theology and apocalyptic at AAR

Next week at AAR in Montreal, there'll be two sessions on “Explorations in Theology and Apocalyptic” (they have their own website).

The Saturday session is titled “Whither Apocalyptic? Critical Reflections in the Wake of Nathan R. Kerr’s Christ, History and Apocalyptic: The Politics of Christian Mission; it features Douglas Harink, Travis Kroeker and Cyril O’Regan, with a response by Nate.

The Sunday session is on “The Apocalyptic Gospel: Theological Responses to the Work of J. Louis Martyn”. This is chaired by Douglas Harink, with papers by David Belcher, Walter Lowe and Philip G. Ziegler. It also includes my own paper, “God who Acts: The Work of J. Louis Martyn as a Critique of Contemporary Theology”. Sadly, I won't be able to attend in person – Halden Doerge will kindly be presenting my paper.

So if you're in Montreal next week, get along for the apocalyptic action!


myleswerntz said...

I'm really regretting not being able to be there, partly for this new section, which promises to be (IMO) one of the best new sections I've seen in a while.

Halden said...

But don't anybody worry, I will make sure to read the paper in an Aussie accent.

roger flyer said...

Wish RO and I could be there.

Terry Wright said...

Any chance of getting hold of a copy of your paper, please, Ben? I'm happy to wait until after the event.

(I'm such a Myers groupie, I realise!)

Ben Myers said...

Terry, I've already shared as much of the paper as I've written (i.e. the title!). But once I've written the rest, I'll be very glad to send a copy to anyone who's interested.

janicer said...

Ben I think this photo is from 1983.

Rob said...

And if you can't make it to the conference, it's not the end of the world.

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