Saturday, 23 May 2009

The best bits of Barth's dogmatics: or, how to read the CD on your holiday

A friend recently asked if I could suggest the best bits of Barth’s Church Dogmatics – the sections you could read on your summer holiday, if you can’t quite muster the energy to attempt an assault on the whole 31 volumes.

So I suggested the following five sections – for me, these are the great peaks of the CD, the sections where you meet Barth at his very best. And these are the bits that I tend to revisit most often myself:

  • from II/2: §33 (on election)
  • from III/2: §47 (on time)
  • from III/3: §50 (on the nothingness)
  • from IV/1: §59.1 (on the Son in a far country)
  • the IV/4 fragment (on baptism)
So, what have I forgotten? Any other sections that stand out for you? Anything else that can be mentioned in the same breath as these great meditations?


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