Friday 9 January 2009

The most expensive books

Are you a bibliophile? Does your spouse harass you for your immodest spending on books? Do you have to resort to strategies like this? Well, now you can prove your great frugality by pointing your spouse to Abebooks’ list of the most expensive sales of 2008.


Anonymous said...

As a layman/ non-professional with an interest in theology I feel priced out of this market and have to make some tough choices about what books I will read. Two books on my list, just for example, Anthropology in Theological Perspective (Pannenberg) and Space,Time,and Incarnation (Torrance), would cost me about 150.00 at the moment. Why are theology books so expensive nowadays? I've seen the price of books increase with inflation, but this category is the worst for markup outside of textbooks for a class.

Dan Morehead said...

I just did a quick search on and it looks like you could get both for $50. Perhaps part of the problem is where you shop. And then, of course, specialty books in any field tend to be more expensive.

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