Wednesday 12 November 2008

And the winner is...

Okay, using a highly advanced technique of random selection, I’ve decided to give the free copy of Nate’s book to Chad Marshall.

But don’t despair, dear readers – everyone’s a winner today! If you head on over to the Wipf & Stock website, all F&T readers can now (for a limited time) purchase Nate’s book at a special 40% discount – from $28 down to $16.80! Just add the book to your shopping cart, and then enter the special coupon code KERR40.

So don’t delay, get your apocalypse now: Christ, History and Apocalyptic: The Politics of Christian Mission.


Erin said...

I appreciate the irruption of your book giving. :) Good on you Chad!

btw, are there anymore podcasts in the works? I promise to post a remix version.

Unknown said...

Ben and all:

Thank you so much for your kind and gracious interest in my work; and thanks to you especially, Ben, for your kind commendation of it. I look forward to the conversations that will hopefully arise out of engagement with it, as I am thankful for those conversations that have already begun. I am profoundly grateful and humbled.

I say in the preface to the book that I wrote what I did in the hope of a mode of action and an event of theological faithfulness that must occur outside the "covers of a book"; I take these engagements to serve that. And whatever conversations might emerge from engagement with what I've written, it is my sincere hope that these conversations serve a shared theological faithfulness. I look forward to that most of all; and learning from new friends and interlocutors.

Anonymous said...

Great! Thanks Ben. And thanks Nate for writing what looks to be a provocative book. I look forward to reading it (and then, no doubt, having someone more intelligent explain it to me).

Let us hope this giveaway has not somehow been a picture of grace and election: one person receiving the unearned gift while the rest are given only a generous discount, the remainder to be earned.

Let me know when/where you'd like me to pick it up. I'm on campus most weekdays.

Thanks again,

jstamps said...

I took advantage of the Wipf & Stock coupon and ordered it.

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