Saturday 23 February 2008

Rowan Williams on F&T

Recently here at F&T we had a poll to determine the world’s best theologian – and you might remember that Rowan Williams won by a decisive margin.

Anyway, David Williamson was recently interviewing the Archbishop, and towards the end of the interview he mentioned this blog-poll. When Rowan Williams heard that he had won the poll, he guffawed in astonishment and replied: “Did I? Good grief! Well, some people need to get out more.”

So there you have it, folks: an official (and very accurate) pronouncement on this blog, straight from the Chair of St Augustine…


Fred said...

It's fortunate that they didn't ask him about Halden's poll!

Anonymous said...

Dear Gentle Reader,

I would, of course, decline to take part in any poll on this subject which lowered its standards so much as to give me a vote. Imagine expecting someone like me to be competent to assess who the "best" theolgian is!?!

Next thing, they'll be asking us to vote on which mathematical theorems are the truest!

Yours in Christ - JOHN HARTLEY.

Anonymous said...

How do you define decisive? I thought that he only beat Jenson by 3%.

Jon said...

Even he admits he's nothing to the likes of Eberhard Jungel - I nearly stopped visiting F&T when I realised the readership were that naive.

Shane said...

I don't really think he's a very good constructive theologian at all (although his historical book on Arius was quite good), but it does make me feel better about it that he recognizes that it's the case.

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