Saturday 2 February 2008

Foreign-language book reviews

The excellent review journal, Reviews in Religion and Theology, has now launched a new section of foreign-language book reviews. In his March 2008 editorial, Philip McCosker writes: “The aim is to provide accurate and engaging reviews of significant foreign books, not only to increase awareness of what is going on in these other linguistically hidden discourses, … but also perhaps to counteract some of the apparent hegemony of the English language in theology and religious studies.”

If you’re interested in reviewing books for this new section of the journal, you can contact Philip McCosker with a list of your interests and reading languages.

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MonjaGuerrillera said...

I have a dream: We may some day have a library accessible to everyone? Hate theological resources only for the rich and for those with credit cards. Will teological ever for all who want?

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