Saturday 8 September 2007

More from Gerd Lüdemann

Recently we were discussing Gerd Lüdemann’s book on Benedict XVI. Now, Lüdemann has also pointed me to his new review in Free Inquiry, where he sums up some of his main objections to Benedict’s book. You can download the review here.


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for posting the link to this eloquent and incisive review of Ratzinger's book.

Ap said...

Ludemann's critique is laughable and anyone with philosophical sophistication can see the mistakes he makes.

But take the insistence on the Johannine account. I am sure Richard Bauckham would appreciate such a "reconstruction" from Benedict. I am reminded of Tom Wright's remark that Ludemann would do best being in a golf course than doing the laughable so called scholarly work that he does.

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