Monday 22 May 2006

Ecce homo

My good friend Mike Bird has posted some very nice words about me, and Chris Tilling has responded with a photo (just in case any of you were wondering what a real Aussie looks like).

Mike mentions that I only started this blog because he first suggested it to me last year (after explaining to me what a “blog” was). So, if you loathe and despise Faith and Theology—if visiting this blog is always the worst and most tiresome part of your day—be sure to blame Mike, who talked me into the whole thing!


steph said...

I'm glad I wasn't the only one in the universe who didn't know what a blog was until last year... first I had to ask my brother who told me in his usual cynical fashion something to the effect that it was basically a stage for pretentious prats to prattle about nothing - but I never get a straight answer from him ... it was he who told me, when I was very little, that his purple sweet had previously been a piece of cheese that he had sucked and sucked until it turned into the purple sweet. I believed him then and tried the cheese thing but it didn't work. I don't ever believe him any more. I worked out what a blog was accidentally by googling Mark Goodacre.

I'm glad Mike encouraged you!

Ben Myers said...

Steph, you are soooo gullible -- everyone knows that the pink sweets are the ones made of half-digested cheese!

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