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Monday, 2 February 2009

Two conferences and a journal

Aberdeen will be hosting another great conference this year, on Theology and the Humanities. Speakers include John Webster, Gavin D’Costa, Laurence Hemming and David Jasper. And the Center for Catholic and Evangelical Theology is hosting a conference on Vatican II: Its Continuing Challenge
 to All Churches. Speakers include George Lindbeck, Nicholas Healy, Michael Root and Amy Laura Hall.

On another note, the latest issue of American Theological Inquiry is available now, with articles on Augustine, Lutheran orthodoxy, cinema, and much more. Their next issue will be coming out later in the year – so you might like to think about submitting a manuscript.

Update: I’ve also just been reminded that Alister McGrath is presenting his Gifford Lectures in Aberdeen this week.


Arni Zachariassen said...

Also, some might be interested to know that Alister McGrath is starting his Gifford lectures here in Aberdeen next week about the "Fine-Tuned Universe". Though, come to think of it, those who are interested, probably know already. But yeah.. Thought I should tell people, since the post is partly about Aberdeen.


Ben Myers said...

Thanks, Arni -- I've added the link.

Troy Polidori said...

I'm a Master's student at Aberdeen and I didn't even know about the Theology and Humanities conference (my advisor's even presenting)!

Ben Myers said...

Hi Troy: lucky you've got an Australian blog to keep you informed! ;-)

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