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Saturday, 29 September 2007

A blog scholarship

If you’re an American college or grad student with a blog, you can (believe it or not) apply for the $10,000 Daniel Kovach Scholarship. I reckon someone should nominate The Fire & the Rose, which has gotta be one of the finest American-student-blogs out there.


WTM said...

The proprietor of "Fire and Rose" is not, however, a college student. Otherwise, I would agree. :-)

Scholarships for blogs? Who would have thought!

Ben Myers said...

Sorry, I might have used the wrong terminology (does "college student" mean undergraduate?) -- but in any case, you're eligible as long as you're "currently attending full-time in post-secondary education in the United States".

WTM said...

Yep! In the USA, "college student" = undergraduate.

Ben Myers said...

Thanks for this terminological correction -- I've amended the post to include grad students! (And my apologies to David Congdon for slighting him with the offensive designation "college student"...)

D.W. Congdon said...


No apology necessary! I am flattered by your kind remarks. Thanks for thinking of me!

Nance said...

Thanks for the heads up! No hurt in applying for every single scholarship that one is applicable for...

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