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Sunday, 19 November 2006

Thought for the day

Preparing a good sermon is rather like preparing a marinara sauce. The real secret lies not so much in knowing what should be included as in knowing what should be left out.


Ben Myers said...

Then again, it also occurs to me that delivering a good sermon is like cooking the pasta: you can start however you like, as long as you know exactly when to stop!

kim fabricius said...

I was taught that you know the spaghetti is ready by throwing a strand at the ceiling: if it doesn't stick, it's either over- or under-cooked.

Anonymous said...

If it doesn't stick to the ceiling, it can also mean you've already got too much spaghetti stuck up there.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, olive oil, garlic, tomatoes and salt.

It's four points, but it might make an intersting sermon!....

One of Freedom said...

Personally I think we have far too much overcooked spaghetti in our churches. I always prefer my sermons a la dente.

Pasta Frank

Bob said...

My Asian buddy says a good sermon is like stir fry. You can't let it sit too long before you serve it.

Anonymous said...

Tasty metaphor.

On the other hand, pasta dishes are usually better as leftovers the next day. Not so with a sermon.

catholic and italian said...

Most importantly, both the pasta and the sermon are incomplete unless accompanied by bread and wine.

Margaret Kimosop said...

Nice blog. Very educative

Steve said...

There is some real truth in this. Thanks.

Chris T. said...

In that case, I am in great shape -- my homilies are quite short, so I leave a lot out. ;-)

kim fabricius said...

Hi Catholic and Italian.

Spot on about the bread and wine. Of course, I trust you will agree that it must be Italian bread - no wafers! And - pace nonconformists - alcoholic red wine (preferably full-bodied) - no grapejuice!

Protestant and Italian (-American)

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