Tuesday 30 August 2016

The parables in rock songs

  • The Lamp under the Bushel (5:14-15): “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” (Pink Floyd)
  • The Wise and Foolish Builders (7:24-27): “Shelter from the Storm” (Bob Dylan)
  • New Patch on Old Cloth / New Wine in Old Wineskins (9:16-17): “Old Habits Die Hard” (Bon Jovi)
  • The Strong Man (12:29): “Fun with Ropes” (The Go-Go’s)
  • The Tares (13:24-30): “Farmer’s Blues” (Merle Haggard and Marty Stuart)
  • The Mustard Seed (13:31-32): “Really Very Small” (Esperanza Spalding)
  • The Leaven (13:33): “Rise Up” (Indigo Girls)
  • The Hidden Treasure (13:44): “Give It All Up” (The Corrs)
  • The Pearl (13:45-46): “You Can Get It If You Really Want” (Jimmy Cliff)
  • The Net (13:47-50): “Talking Fishing Blues” (Woody Guthrie)
  • The Unforgiving Servant (18:23-35): “Cold, Cold Heart” (Norah Jones)
  • The Labourers in the Vineyard (20:1-16): “Best for Last” (Adele)
  • The Two Sons (21:28-32): “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” (The Clash)
  • The Wicked Husbandmen (21:33-41): “The Payback” (James Brown)
  • The Great Banquet (22:1-14): “It’s My Party” (Lesley Gore)
  • The Fig Tree (24:32-35): “Juicy” (The Notorious B.I.G.)
  • The Faithful/Unfaithful Servant (24:45-51): “Wake Up Call” (Maroon 5)
  • The Ten Virgins (25:1-13): “Stupid Girls” (Pink) 
  • The Talents (25:14-30): “Work Me, Lord” (Janis Joplin)
  • The Sheep and the Goats (25:31-46): “You Don’t Know Me” (Ray Charles)
  • The Sower (4:1-9): “Fields of Gold” (Sting)
  • Interpretation of the Sower (4:13-20): “Why Must I Always Explain?” (Van Morrison)
  • The Seed Growing Secretly (4:26-29): “I Keep It Hid” (Alice Clark)
  • The Two Debtors (7:41-43): “Bills, Bills, Bills” (Destiny’s Child)
  • The Good Samaritan (10:25-37): “Walk on By” (Dionne Warwick)
  • The Friend at Midnight (11:5-8): “He Woke Me Up Again” (Sufjan Stevens)
  • The Rich Fool (12:16-21): “Give, Give, Give Me More, More, More” (The Wonder Stuff) 
  • The Barren Fig Tree (13:6-9): “Chop ‘em Down” (Matisyahu)
  • The Lost Sheep (15:1-7): “Can’t Find My Way Home” (Traffic)
  • The Lost Coin (15:8-10): “The Search Is Over” (Survivor)
  • The Prodigal Son (15:11-32): “Daddy Lessons” (Beyonce)
  • The Unjust Steward (16:1-13): “Wise Up” (Aimee Mann) 
  • The Rich Man and Lazarus (16:19-31): “Help!” (The Beatles)
  • The Master and Servant (17:7-10): “No Thanks to You” (Emma Watson)
  • The Unjust Judge (18:1-8): “Naggin’ Woman” (The Kinks)
  • The Pharisee and the Tax Collector (18:9-14): “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” (The Temptations)


Unknown said...

Just for you, Heinz Röthlisberger, for the Wise and Foolish Builders (Matthew 7:24-27): "Gimme Shelter" (The Rolling Stones) (which, in fact, just failed to make the cut because the Dylan title includes the word "storm").

Anthony Douglas said...

That should be 'the Corrs'. Coors is, I believe, an American brew. Hidden treasure indeed...

Unknown said...

Well spotted, Anthony, thanks. I'll get it sorted.

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