Wednesday 4 November 2015

God’s church is a school for learning: a hymn by Kim

A hymn to go with yesterday's sermon on Bartimaeus (to the tune of Bethany).

God’s church is a school for learning,
     life-long learning in the Lord;
here we’re taught to be discerning
     as we read and hear his Word.
Taught to dramatise the Story,
     Christians all have parts to play
in the theatre of his glory,
     improvising on the way.

In the church of God are courses
     in the arts of peace and prayer,
and in using the resources
     from the files of love and care;
classes in the craft of living,
     seminars on grace and sin,
Sunday workshops in forgiving,
     coaching by the Christ within.

Thinking thoughts of God – what wonder! –
     trained in virtue, given space,
we will make mistakes and blunder,
     still in church there’s always place:
place for all – here no exclusions –
     place for each – the fast and slow;
here we see through sight’s illusions,
     here by faith alone we know.

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Jason Goroncy said...

I smell Geneva, Fabricius; Geneva at its best, that is. And I like it.

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