Monday 7 September 2015

Five short videos on atonement theology

A while back I was interviewed for a series of short videos on atonement theology. The five clips below follow the overall arc of the Gospel story, discussing (1) the incarnation, (2) the role of Mary in salvation, (3) Jesus as teacher and healer (a patristic view of salvation that I've explained earlier in this post), (4) the death of Jesus, and (5) the resurrection and deification.



Jason Goroncy said...

A wonderful resource. Thanks for sharing these, Ben.

Josh said...

Really helpful Ben. You've opened my eyes to how Jesus provides salvation holistically, particularly in relation to his incarnation and ministry. Can you tease out a little of how the ascension fits in?

Bobby Grow said...

Thank you, Ben! I love your points on Irenaeus!

Anne said...

Well done Ben and thanks for sharing these. They was so helpful and insightful. In particular video 4 and your comments on the death of Jesus. I have a question though. If God can't enter into the experience of death other than through Jesus (because God can't die), then where does death come from? Is it a product of the fall of Adam and Eve and created by God, even though He cannot participate in it?

Fr. Michael Flowers said...

Ben this is a beautiful resource for Atonement discussion. The information is great, but the heart behind is even better!

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