Sunday, 5 April 2015

Pilate poses, Christ exposes: an Easter hymn

A hymn from Paddling by the Shore: Hymns of Kim Fabricius (2015).

(Tune: Infant holy)

Pilate poses,
Christ exposes –
power challenged and defied;
Christ appearing,
people jeering –
sin and righteousness collide.
Life the winner,
new creation;
for the sinner
full salvation:
Christ the Lord is crucified!
Christ the Lord is crucified!

‘Midst the shambles
soldiers gamble,
bandits braying at his side;
earth is shaken,
dead awaken
at the dreadful deicide.
An absurd day –
wait! – surprises! –
on the third day
Jesus rises:
Christ the Lord is glorified!
Christ the Lord is glorified!


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