Tuesday 22 October 2013

TV shows for the books of the Bible

by Kim Fabricius

Genesis: Once upon a Time
Exodus: Rescue Me
Leviticus: Dirt and Scrubs
Numbers: Lost
Deuteronomy: Law and Order
Joshua: Dad’s Army
Judges: Sons of Anarchy
Ruth: The Good Wife
I & II Samuel: Game of Thrones
I & II Kings / I & II Chronicles: Dynasty
Ezra: Lawman
Nehemiah: Homeland
Esther: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Job: Gimme a Break!
Psalms: Glee

Proverbs: Get Smart
Ecclesiastes: Wiseguy
Song of Songs: Sex in the City
Jonah: Mission: Impossible
The Prophets: Mad Men

Matthew: I Am the Law
Mark: Speedy Gonzales
Luke: Maverick
John: In the Flesh
Acts: The A-Team
Romans: Graceland
I & II Corinthians: Men Behaving Badly
Galatians: Justified
Ephesians: Broadchurch
Philippians: Lovejoy
Colossians: All in the Family
I & II Thessalonians: Curb Your Enthusiasm
Pastoral Epistles: Father Knows Best
Philemon: Porridge
Hebrews: Climax!
James: According to Jim
I, II, & III John: Love / Hate
I & II Peter: Rocky and His Friends
Jude: The Avengers
Revelation: The Closer

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