Friday 5 October 2012

Gospel of John: audio sermons

I spent my weekends last month at the wonderful Terrigal Uniting Church, and I preached a five-week series on the Gospel of John. If you're interested, the sermons are available in audio. I love John's Gospel very much, and it was a treat to be able to speak about it.

My five texts and topics were:

1. The Word Made Flesh (John 1)
2. The Coming of the Light (John 9)
3. The Triumph of Life (John 11)
4. The Doorway to Eternity (John 17)
5. The Way of Discipleship (John 21)

I'd say the best response was to the fourth one, on John 17, which I did as a first-person narrative, seated on a chair with a shawl around my shoulders. I've never done that kind of dramatised sermon before, but I enjoyed the experience and found it quite moving. 

I gave similar versions of these sermons in the evening service, and these were filmed. The first video is available here, and I'm told the others will be added eventually too. [Update: second video available here.]

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