Saturday 23 July 2011

Call for papers: faith and atheism in Australia

I'm involved in organising a conference on Questioning God: Faith and Atheism in Australia, to be held in Sydney this October. There's a call for papers, and we're especially interested in interdisciplinary perspectives on contemporary faith and atheism.


Boz said...

Questioning God: Faith and Atheism in
Australia will be a very different kind of conference.

It is the intention of the organisers to plan
a conference that will enable a constructive
engagement with the ‘new atheism’.


Will there be any prominent atheists in attendance? The sparce information on the website looks one-sided.

Ben Myers said...

Yes, at this stage I think we have a mix of Christian, Islamic, and atheist scholars — also an expert on Buddhism. So it's not meant to be just another "three cheers for Christianity" type of event!

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