Saturday 30 October 2010

Butterflyfish: giveaway winners

When Matt Myer Boulton saw all the comments responding to our giveaway post, he kindly offered to provide not one but three copies of the new Butterflyfish album. So here are the three lucky winners (please email Matt with your shipping address):

  • Dave Belcher (for being the first to comment)
  • Peter Orchard, aka Besideourselves (for having 7 children and still finding time to study theology)
  • Pamela (for teaching kindergarten children)
To get a copy of this great new album, head on over to the Butterflyfish website (also available from iTunes).


Pamela said...

Grateful thanks from the Kindergarten scripture kids of Milton Public School and their teachers, Pam & Rhonda. We will enjoy!

besideourselves said...

Stoked thanks Ben!

Conspicuous providence to the rescue again.

F&T is a goldmine, even without the giveaways.


besideourselves said...

Update: Upon Receipt of Prize
(I thought you might like to know)

Hi Matt,

The CD's (he sent both!) arrived yesterday and straight away I was touched by your generosity, and now after listening to them I'm also touched by your music; fun, reverent, beautiful and engagingly nuanced. In a word, delightful.

The kid's have settled on 'Ladybug' as an early favourite, Mum's is 'Lemonade' and I'm having trouble deciding between that and 'In the Beginning'.

Thank you for giving the gift of "music that - in an interesting and intellectually vibrant way – [is] engaging spiritual life."

You might also be interested to know that though I initially added it to the library under "Kids", I've since had to seriously consider creating a new category simply to accommodate it.... (I'm honestly still having trouble naming a category to do it justice)

I'll be heartily recommending Butterflyfish to friends and family and looking forward to future releases.

Thanks and Best Regards In Christ,

Peter Orchard & Family

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