Friday, 3 September 2010

I tried to save the things I made

Well, it's been ages since my last link roundup – so here are some notable things from around the web:

  • James K. A. Smith with a eulogy for Clark Pinnock
  • And a eulogy for Donald Bloesch (whose books made a big impression on me when I was first getting interested in theology)
  • Stanley Fish with an incisive comment on the furor surrounding the so-called Ground Zero mosque
  • Andy has gotten me into Rev., a hilarious new TV series about an inner-city Anglican vicar. Episode 2 (about a charismatic minister) is absolutely priceless: here's an excerpt.
  • A new dissertation on Melville's theology – I'm staggered by the suggestion that there's no publisher for this. We all need more Melville in our lives! (Have you tried Baylor UP? They have a few series in religion and literature, and they've been doing good things in this area of heterodox writers.)
  • For those interested in the Uniting Church, there's a report on the recent conference where I spoke about the church's confession of Christ
  • Steve Holmes on analytic theology and conceptual clarity
  • William Cavanaugh on Christopher Hitchens and religious violence
  • Sam Wells on forgiveness and justice
  • Paul Griffiths on impotent religions and state violence
  • And Paul Griffiths on plagiarism again
  • Milbank on Christianity, Enlightenment and Islam
  • The importance of genuine argument
  • The Bonhoeffer effect in Australian politics
  • A bad liturgical invention: giant papier-mâché Calvinist puppets of doom
  • How a dead fish nearly destroyed a childhood
  • A reader informed me that this F&T post is cited in the latest New Blackfriars – that's nice to see!
  • A good review of Sufjan Stevens' beautiful new EP, All Delighted People
  • Someone has even assembled a Sufjan Stevens order of service (sounds creepy when you put it like that, but it's great stuff)
  • And, wonders never cease, there are some job openings in theology: theology at Duke; theological ethics at Duke; theology and ethics at Fuller
  • Finally, since we've been talking about drawing, I leave you with some astonishing lead pencil art
Now don't just sit there – get up and praise-r-cise!


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