Thursday 8 July 2010

Sydney public lecture: Nate Kerr

In addition to Sarah Coakley's public lecture in Sydney next week (she'll be speaking on theology and sexuality), our friend Nate Kerr will be giving a public lecture the following week, Monday 19 July. He'll be speaking on church and mission, in a lecture titled "'The Disintegration of the World': Christ, Church, and Mission". Don't miss it!

If you still haven't read Nate's book on Christ, History and Apocalyptic (2009), you really should read it – it's real theology. And in case you missed it, be sure also to check out the co-authored manifesto on "Kingdom-World-Church", which has been hotly debated around the web.


Fat said...

Thank You Nate and Ben

What a privilege it was to attend and listen - and what a pity Nate had to leave to fly out early this morning - the after discussion was absolutely flowing when time intervened.

I believe Nate has placed real church in the 167 hours per week at the coal face and not that one hour a week in the pew.


Unknown said...


Thanks for your note. I am grateful to you and to all who were such a part of my wonderful trip to Sydney, both at last night's lecture and throughout the week. I too am sorry that my early flight prevented further discussion. Still, I am grateful and honored to be a small part of the vibrant theological community and conversation that Ben is working to establish and sustain in Sydney. I am encouraged, and I look forward to ongoing conversations. Thank you for inviting me and for your gracious hospitality.

Also, Fat, your image of "the 167 hours per week at the coal face" is just beautiful. Thank you for that.

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