Monday 19 April 2010

New ABC religion portal

A while back I mentioned a job advertisement for a new online religion editor at Australia's ABC. Apparently there was a huge number of applicants – but I'm delighted to say that the job has gone to our own friend Scott Stephens: regular F&T writer, political commentator, provocateur, preacher (the best I've ever heard), voracious cook and conversationalist, and all around nice guy.

Scott will be heading up the ABC's new religion portal – a unique site that will feature news, commentary, interviews, video, audio, opinion, and various aggregated content from around the web. (You can get a general idea by looking at the ABC's superb environment portal.) I expect this will be a major event not only for the public debate and discussion of religion in Australia, but also for the dissemination of high-quality religious/theological content on the global web. Scott has already lined up some fantastic writers and contributors, and he's happy to receive expressions of interest from potential freelance contributors.

Elsewhere in the ABC, you can also hear Scott, together with A. C. Grayling, P. Z. Myers and others, discussing contemporary atheism.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Scott!

Anonymous said...

Good grief...if that is what "contemporary atheism" is all about, and if they are rising as quickly as they came, then we are in for quite an ignorant age. The only sensible comments in the entire conversation came from Pataki and Scott. It's nothing but insult, one-liners and self-congratulation. As with some forms of overmarketed evangelicalism, one-liners and self-promotion can only get you so far before you find that the emperor is still as naked as ever.

Anonymous said...

Prize Comment from the atheism interview posting:

Ex-Christian :
18 Apr 2010 8:27:46am

1. THANK GOD for Richard Dawkins!
2. Without Richard Dawkins in my life, life would not be worth living!
3. Scott Stephens' lazy polemic was one of the weakest I've ever heard!
4. Pray, Scott, could you tell me: Why does your god, or Saint Placebo, refuse to heal amputees?

In case anyone needed more proof that "new" atheism is modeled after overhyped evangelicalism...of course, this could have been a mock comment from an F&T reader...

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Scott!

Pamela said...

Great news - for the ABC & for the many Australians interested in discussion of religion.

Pamela said...

oops - last word left out - religion!

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