Sunday 22 November 2009

Homeward, these shoes worn to paper: thin as the reason I left here so young


in said...

On the Rowan blurb. What power structure relinquishes itself, and Rome is only interested in servants not partners, and the CofE isn't going to give up its cheque book and hand back its ill gotten gains, gains equally ill gotten by the pilfering Normans backed by surprise, surprise pilfering Rome, but you have to be amused by Rowan he's so like that chap in Yes Minister, you can just hear Glenn Close commenting "like most intellectuals, he can be intensely stupid". On the desert island book people do talk bollocks, Ben - Moby Dick? Yes by all means exorcise your demons. But on others? No. War and Peace unreadable? Must be American and forgot to read to read it in its serialised form during the advert breaks. Talking of America, where was Passos's USA, if there was ever a book designed to make you glad to be on a desert island, surely this is it, bring on Nick Cave "people just ain't no good".

ethan said...

any specific reason for the iron and wine lyric in the title?

Ben Myers said...

No reason: I just always use some random song-lyric as a title for the weekly round-up. But I have to say, I reckon that Iron & Wine lyric is maybe the best single line from any song this year.

Andy Rowell said...

Ben, You highlighted the Campbell book above and my collation for early reviews of it.

I also just posted the audio from two SBL sessions:
Audio from SBL Deliverance of God session with Campbell, Gorman, Moo and Torrance

Audio from SBL: Gaventa, Hays and Gorman on Romans as Christian Theology

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Andrew Thomas for sharing the dissertation.


Anonymous said...

Actually, I was contractually bound. But what the hell - happy reading!

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