Saturday 29 July 2006

The worst liturgical invention: results

Well, after 715 votes, it’s official: the worst liturgical invention of recent times is the use of tiny cups of eucharistic grape juice (31%). This was followed by liturgical dance (28%), PowerPoint sermons (25%), altar calls (14%, including my own vote), and finally banners on the walls (2%).

Thanks especially for all the entertaining and informative comments—and, believe it or not, there are even more comments about this over at Father Jake Stops the World.


DimBulb said...

Tiny cups of grape juice? Why grape juice? My father says he read about this years ago. The things sounded like the little cups of half and half you get with coffee at a diner. What exactly does the Eucharist mean to these people?

Liturgical dance? I know that some dancing was done as part of worship in Israel, but was it ever done in the temple litrgy?

Fr. Aaron Orear said...


byron smith said...

To keep gnawing the bone a little...

We who are many are one body,
For we all share in the one cup.
Hence, it's vital to have a single cup, rather than little individual hygenic cups.

Except it's not 'one cup', but 'one bread'. So why aren't individual wafers worse than individual cups?

Anonymous said...

The last supper was not a buffet. I find the use of a queue to drink from a cup far more offensive than serving little cups of grape juice. The passing of the little cups involves serving each other-a theme of the last supper-and this style gives the communicant time to examine himself or herself as we are commanded to do before participating in communion.

Is the objection to the little cups actually an expression of slavery to litugical convention?

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