Thursday 3 November 2005

My first book

I’m pleased to announce that my own first book, entitled Milton’s Theology of Freedom, will be published next year by Walter de Gruyter, as a volume in their Church History series (Arbeiten zur Kirchengeschichte).

The book has been revised and adapted from my 2004 PhD dissertation. It’s a study of the theology of John Milton’s epic poem Paradise Lost (a dramatic retelling of Genesis 1-3), set against the background of the diverse theological traditions of seventeenth-century Protestantism.

Here’s a preview of the book’s contents:

1. The Theology of Freedom: A Short History
2. The Satanic Theology of Freedom
3. Predestination and Freedom
4. The Freedom of God
5. Human Freedom and the Fall
6. Grace, Conversion and Freedom
Theological Epilogue

If you’re interested in sampling the contents, some small pieces of this work are coming out shortly (in slightly different forms) in journals such as Scottish Journal of Theology, Milton Quarterly, and The Explicator.


Alan Bandy said...

Wow, that is excellent! Bravo!

Chris Tilling said...

That's great news Ben! And I rate Walter de Gruyter highly. In fact, one of my favourite books on the Apostle Paul, by Udo Schnelle, is published by them. Well done. I look forward to reading your work!

Anonymous said...

'twill be the first of many I'm sure.

Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

Congratulations on what sounds like an fascinating book.

I sent you an email on this some days ago that may not have gotten through.

Anyway, the jist was that I look forward to reading your book on Milton since you treat some of the same themes that interest me.

Jeffery Hodges

* * *

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