Monday 28 November 2005

Church Dogmatics I/2

Summary: The event of the one Word of God happens in three forms: revelation, Scripture and preaching.

Quote: “Nor, properly speaking, is there a Catholic, Lutheran or Reformed dogmatics.... Where dogmatics exists at all, it exists only with the will to be a Church dogmatics, a dogmatics of the ecumenical Church” (p. 823).

Notable section: §24,2—Barth’s account of the dogmatic method, in which he argues for an arrangement of distinct loci, all of which have the Word of God as their content, so that the whole of dogmatics is christology.


Dan said...

Colossians 1:13-23a speaks strongly in the direction christology as the whole of dogmatics.

Jenson following Barth holds to the same idea about theology can only be a Church theology in his Systematics.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful passage of the Dogmatics to reflect on for this week of Christian Unity. Although I am a Roman Catholic, I think that Karl Barth is one of the most important resources from the 20th century that Christians have to advance the cause of Christian Unity. By placing Christology front and center, Barth emphasizes the central point of the Christian faith--the person of Jesus Christ.

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