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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Some new theology journals

Some new online journals that might be of interest:

And this one's not a theology journal, but it sounds pretty damn cool:
Update: David Miller just alerted me to the best journal of all, the Journal of Universal Rejection. Their motto is hora incerta, reprobatio certa – the hour is uncertain, the rejection certain. I think I'll submit a manuscript right away!


jbh said...

Phew! I was actually just thinking that we need some more journals.

d. miller said...

Ben, I'm surprised this one didn't make your list:

Benjamin Myers said...

Oh, that is superb — thanks for the link, I've added it to the post.

michael jensen said...

Soma's home is in Africa, which adds to its interest I reckon!

I am said...

Thank you for the links.
Christian Woman

Robert said...

Great links...though I too wonder if we need another set of theological journals as badly as a new English translation of the Bible...

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