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Friday, 29 October 2010

AAR Annual Meeting, 2010

Thousands of theologians, religionists and other people of doubtful character are now descending on Atlanta, Georgia for the 2010 AAR meeting. I arrived a few hours ago – the first time I've ever been way down south in Dixie. I'll be involved in three sessions:

As always there's a terrifying number of papers and panels. Here are some that stood out when I browsed through the program – if you know of any other interesting panels (or if you'd like to mention your own panel), feel free to comment.


Brad said...

Glad to have you on east coast time, Ben. Question: that working group Friday afternoon -- is it a closed door session after it begins, or can people come late? I'll be at Emory to hear Paul Nimmo from 11:00 to noon before heading downtown, so I won't be there for the start time.

Student said...

Wait! Don't leave!! I'll be at the same place in 3 weeks for the SBL conference. If you stay I'll spring for dinner. Is there any way you can leave a signed copy of your book or paper. Well I'm tickled you're there, and not a little inspired. Wear a good Barth button, ha ha. And watch out for those historical Jesus types.

Adam Nigh said...

I'll be reading a paper called "Scripture as the Divine Assumption of Fallen Human Language" at the Revelation, Language and Canon session of the Christian Systematic Theology Section on Monday @ 1:00 pm. Come say hi! http://meeting.aarweb.org/sessions/A1-203

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