Sunday, 18 April 2010

On laughing at your preacher

When it comes to sermons, nothing is more entertaining than a badly used metaphor. Here are two recent examples that I've come across:

A friend of mine recently attended a Christian wedding. The bride's father (a fiery preacher) gave a warm speech on the centrality of Christ in Christian marriage. With immense feeling, he proclaimed: "Every good Christian marriage is a threesome."

Even better: a few months ago my wife went along with some friends to a big charismatic church. The preacher was talking about a certain evangelist – he had been cured of his former homosexuality, and he now had a vibrant ministry among other gay men. With penetrating spiritual intensity, the preacher exclaimed: "Who knows how many seeds he has sown into the gay community?"

The most extraordinary thing about these incidents: in both cases, not a single person actually dared to laugh.


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