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Saturday, 26 July 2008

The grandeur of airfares

Our friend Dave Belcher has organised a panel on “Scripture and Reason: The Wisdom and Folly of the Cross” for the grand Rome conference – together with Dave, the panel features John Milbank, Jodi Belcher, Peter Candler, Joshua Davis and Craig Keen. Unfortunately, three of these speakers (all of them grad students) haven’t quite been able to come up with the necessary travel funds. So Dave is now appealing for some additional support – if you’d like to help him out, there are full details at his blog.

It’d be interesting to know who else is planning to go to Rome – there’ll no doubt be loads of interesting papers to hear and people to meet. I’ll be there for the week with my family, and my own paper is on Rowan Williams’ concept of tradition.


Dave Belcher said...

Thanks a lot Ben -- and thanks for the PayPal option too, that's a big help. Peace.

the don said...

i'll be there... my paper is on divine hospitality and it's implications on ecclesiology...


Louis Runhaar said...

I'll be there too, together with eight friends from Kampen (NL); the smallest city with two theological universities. No papers yet, but who knows...

Tim F. said...

My friend Wes and I will be there. We're from the University of Dayton, OH USA. Wes is presenting on Balthasar and Adorno (I think), and mine is on the metaphysics of history and Scripture.

Tim F.

michaeloneillburns said...

myself and the rest of the Nottingham contingent will be there.

look for us near the open bar...

byron smith said...

I'll be there, but will not be giving a paper since moving plans have been taking most of my free time recently. I know Matheson Russell will also be there and is giving a paper, though I can't remember the title.

Looking forward to seeing you again Ben! (and meeting a few others F&T readers)

Ben Myers said...

Great — see y'all there!

Luke Tallon said...

I, too, was disappointed to find that the conference organizers did not make travel bursaries available to postgrads.

In any event, I plan on being there and to present a paper comparing Benedict XVI and Karl Barth's understanding of the relationship between reason and conversion.

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