Sunday, 27 July 2008

Caption contest winner

Congratulations to Sally, who has won the caption contest with 42% of the votes. You can see a map of all the votes here. Here’s her excellent winning caption: “By George! I’ve finally got it! A cunning plan! I shall become an alternative healer in a slightly tacky clinic in suburbia. No one will ever find me.” Congrats to Sally – and please email me, Sally, to tell me which book you’d like to receive.

I think Ken also deserves special mention for his caption, which was a convincing second place (20% of the votes). “The bag of toys slung over his right shoulder, the sobbing of children resounding in his ears, the grinch surveyed his ruin and grinned.” Since I’m a sucker for Dr Seuss, I’ll also send Ken a book as a runner-up prize. (So please email me, Ken, with your preferred title.)

Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest!


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