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Friday, 11 May 2007

Karl Barth's birthday

Jim celebrates Karl Barth’s birthday (10 May) with a nice post. He notes that Barth is now “in heaven, listening to Mozart and being rightly corrected by Zwingli.” What more could anyone want?


Pastor Bob Cornwall said...

If only I wasn't so bad about remembering birthdays! Happy Birthday Karl!

kim fabricius said...

Yeah, the date's in my diary.
Thanks for the link, Ben - and the affectionate post, Jim. But surely Zwingli will be much too busy correcting Jesus. :)

Jim said...


All I can say is...


Shane said...

Zwingli made it?

Wow. I guess there is hope for me after all.


Jim said...

Ben I've come to conclude that the majority of your readers, myself excepted of course, have no love for Zwingli. The pagans.

Robbie said...

I find it quite easy to remember Barth's birthday. My firstborn son was born on May 10th.

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