Friday 10 February 2006

Understanding faith

“To extract from the New Testament the true understanding of what faith is, is the most important task of theology.” —Emil Brunner


Ben Myers said...

I came across this quote in another book, and I haven't been able to find the reference. Does anyone happen to have the reference?

Jim said...

It sounds like something from Revelation and Reason. Or perhaps Dogmatics 1. It's so very Brunnerian though that he could have said it in a sermon or in a lecture or in just about any of his books. He might have even said it in his Schleiermacher book..... I wish I could be more precise but the exact source escapes me. But if I stumble into it I will certainly send up a flare.

Chris Tilling said...

If not in Dogmatics 1, possibly Dogmatics 3 and within his discussion on faith?

Anonymous said...

I think Emil's quote is fundamentally misguided... what seeks can not be derived from the New Testament alone. There is another testament--larger one in fact--and I think it has some rather important things to say on the topic faith.

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