Sunday 12 February 2006

Theology on the cliff-edge

“All good theology is done on the cliff-edge—one step too far and you tumble into idolatry, one step back and the view is never so good. The reader [of this book] will have to judge whether we have occasionally stumbled over the precipice, and when we have not, whether the view has justified the risk.”

—Jeremy S. Begbie, Theology, Music and Time (Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2000), p. 279. Thanks to Tim Hormon for putting me on to this excellent book!


Ben Myers said...

You're lucky! What could be better than a theology lecture accompanied by piano?

Chris TerryNelson said...

Yeah, I took a class with him and Alan Torrance on the theology of Karl Barth at University of St. Andrews, and he proved a worthy teacher. Him and Alan play in orchestra together!

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