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Friday, 18 February 2011

TV series: Life's Big Questions

Speaking of irrepressible theologian-at-large Scott Stephens, his six-part Compass TV series, Life's Big Questions, is kicking off this Sunday night on ABC. Scott interviews a number of high-profile Australians and talks with them about their beliefs. The six episodes feature Matt Preston, Julian Morrow, Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton, Philip Nitschke, Clare Bowditch, and Rolf de Heer. You can see a preview here.

Scott has a terrific personality for television, and I've heard really good things about these interviews. It's great to see some genuine theological exploration finding its way onto the screen – so be sure to tune in to Compass on Sunday night, or download the episodes, or watch them streaming at ABC iView.

Oh, and speaking of the ABC, check out Martha Nussbaum's three posts on educating for profit versus educating for freedom:


Jarrod M. Longbons said...

We need more TV like this.

Stephen said...

With a nod to Neil Postman, do you think "genuine theological exploration" really can "[find] its way onto the screen"?

Ben Myers said...

Actually, it did make me think of Neil Postman when I wrote that sentence! It's an open question for me, I admit it — but I haven't seen this series yet...

PuzzlingChristian said...

Life's Big Questions, interesting but this content is not available outside Australia, I guess I will not be seeing this. Oh, the Internet!

Pamela said...

TV star Scott - I'll be watching again next week.

Sheridan Voysey said...

The first episode was excellent. I think Scott did a fine job of openning Matt Preston up - as much as was possible. Loved the heaven scenario:

'What would God say to you?'

'You could've done better.'

And what would you say to God?

'You could've done better.'

And this from someone who'd earlier dismissed the idea of a personal God. It was a nice progression of the conversation.

Justin said...

@PuzzlingChristian: have you tried www.abc.net.au/iview? Then look for "Compass" - the pic will be the female presenter (Geraldine Doogue).

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