Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Tokens: theology on the radio

Someone was telling me the other day about this Nashville radio show, TOKENS. They describe it as “part theology lecture, part cultural analysis, part good conversation, part good music..., an exploration of the intersections between faith, music, and culture.” The creator and host is Lee Camp, author of Mere Discipleship: Radical Christianity in a Rebellious World (Brazos 2008). Anyone know about this radio show? It sounds good.

Oh, and are there any other Nashville fans out there? I’ve only visited once in my life, but I swear it’s one of the coolest places I’ve ever been. The theologians! The bars! The bourbon! The cafes crammed with indolent students and musicians! Paul DeHart’s encyclopedic ruminations on American music history! Seriously, that city has it all...

My only regret (it pains me to mention it) is that my last visit to Nashville was just one day too early to catch Iron & Wine performing at the Ryman. Oh, and did I mention the new Iron & Wine album? You can live and die to music like this:

Sunday evening my Rebecca’s lost a book she never read
And the moon already fell into the sea
Saw the statues of our fathers in the courthouse flower bed
Now they blend with all the lightning-tattered trees


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