Friday 25 May 2007

Oh mercy!

Now this is good news – may the name of the Lord be praised.


Anonymous said...

Any guesses as to where Dr. Benjamin Myers will be worshipping on August 13th?

Anonymous said...

Idolatry! Repent, sinners.... Abandon the mumbler and return to the light of Mozart.

Anonymous said...

Personally friend,
having seen Dylan and watched/heard him butcher 'You're a big girl now' paying to see him do similar with his other great songs isn't what I'd call good news, let's face it his live perfomances in any other field would be classed as fraud because you sure don't get what you think you're paying for.
Give me the studio albums anytime because on them his ego remembers the judgement of history and reigns in the caprice.

Ben Myers said...

Phillip: "you sure don't get what you think you're paying for" -- yes, precisely!

Looney said...

Do you suppose Dylan will be praising the Lord during his concert?

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