Wednesday 9 May 2007

Christianity and capitalism

Over at Journeying with Those in Exile, Dan has been posting a long and challenging series on Christianity and capitalism. He advocates radically “nonsensical” forms of sharing, and in the latest post he highlights the economic significance of the eucharist: “We will have sufficient for all, even the least, as long as we break bread together. What we need to remember is that every time we partake of the Eucharist, we are breaking bread with the global body of Christ, with Christians in the two-thirds world. Thus, after such bread breaking, how can we not also share all things with them?”


Anonymous said...

I can understand his case regarding taking oaths and things of that nature, but am unsure as to why Christians should not stand for the national anthem (or participate in other rituals, e.g. 4th of July fireworks in America)? Must the church be opposed to the state, or can it be a counter-cultural witness while showing respect?

Anonymous said...

Hey Ben,

Thanks for the shout-out; the series, and the individual entries, have certainly become much longer than I intended them to be!

Grace and peace.

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