Tuesday 29 May 2007

A Barthian limerick

Inspired by David’s poetry contest, here’s a nice limerick by Kim Fabricius:

    There once was a gourmet named Barth,
    who had tasted Rousseau and Descartes,
    and though Hegel bar none
    was his haute cuisine Hun,
    he dogmatically dined à la carte.


michael jensen said...


(cough, cough)



Anonymous said...

OOOO-kay. Next up--Barth haiku.

W. Travis McMaken said...

Kim needs to enter this in the contest!

David W. Congdon said...

I agree. Kim, can I expect a fuller version to come my way soon? :)

And by the way, Michael, you can find 3 Barth haiku on my blog at the moment!

Anonymous said...

Thanks WTM and David, but the contest is too highbrow for me. I'll stick with cheap doggerel - like this:

A scholar of God who was Swiss,
whom some sods like me think is sheer bliss,
drives conservatives nuts,
gets on liberals' butts,
while God thinks, "Karl, they're taking the piss!"

David W. Congdon said...

Trust me, Kim, the competition is not too highbrow! (Just wait until you see Chris Tilling's contribution in a couple days. It will probably change your mind.)

Besides, based on your prolific hymn-writing, I know for a fact you would craft something really great.

But that said, I have no wish to pressure you. These limericks are sure enjoyable, though! (How about three of them put together? You already have two written!)

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