Tuesday 1 May 2007

A conference on providence

The University of Aberdeen is hosting an exciting dogmatics conference in January, entitled “‘Deus Habet Consilium’: An International Conference on the Career and Prospects of Providence in Modern Theology.” The list of speakers and papers looks superb.

And, speaking of conferences, LeRon Shults alerts us to a conference on Schleiermacher and the future of the church.


Anonymous said...

Hello Benjamin,

As much as I love your blog, can we just have Barth and Bob please? Seriously. -Unbeatable combination!

Anonymous said...

Stephen Webb, who has written a book about Bob, is attending the conference. I hope to display my second class relic - a letter giving copyright permission from Bob's secretary.

Ben Myers said...

Thanks, I didn't know about Stephen Webb's new book on Bob Dylan -- it looks good. And it's great to see a theologian who has published books both on Barth and Bob (as well as dogs, vegetables, and American history). By the way, is it true that Webb has just converted to the Roman Catholic Church?

And Justin, I'd be happy to oblige -- in fact, just for you, I'm now trying to think of a post outlining all the similarities between Barth and Bob Dylan.

Anonymous said...

He certainly has good enough taste to do so.

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