Thursday 6 March 2008

Simone Weil: pensées

Kim has a nice post on Simone Weil over at Connexions. He includes this quote from Weil: “Denial of St Peter. To say to Christ: ‘I will never deny you’ was to deny him already, for it was to suppose the source of faithfulness to be in himself and not in grace…. Peter did not deny Christ when he broke his promise, but when he made it.”


Anonymous said...

My students and I are reading The Need for Roots right now. Reading Kim's post another thing struck me that she said and I cannot remember where. It was something to the effect of, to truly love God is not to love the resurrected Christ, but to love Christ when he is still dead in the tomb. For the life of me I cannot remember where she said that... It was something that Dick Allen had quoted her as saying but I cannot find the reference...

Erin said...

that'll preach!

Anonymous said...

Hi Drew,

I don't know that one, but a similar saying is: "If the gospel of Christ omitted all mention of the resurrection, faith would be easier for me" - which, in fact, was the sub-text of a sermon I preached at Easter exactly ten years ago.

Hi Erin,

Another biblical reference of Weil's "that'll preach", on the parable of the Labourers in the Vineyard, is: "He pays only one type of wage because he possesses only one type of wage. He hasn't any change."

Anonymous said...


Thanks. It may indeed have been that, but Allen's interpretation of it...

goodfornowt said...

I came across this quote from Simone Weil when reading D Z Phillips.

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