Monday 24 March 2008

Centre for Public Christianity

The new Centre for Public Christianity is now up and running. It’s an Australian institute which describes itself as “a research and media organisation promoting the public understanding of the Christian faith.” The website has lots of videos and articles, including a few pieces written by me (adapted from F&T posts):

Monstrous Grace in the Songs of Tom Waits
Work and Play in a Culture of Boredom
Spong’s Jesus: Not Radical Enough


Anonymous said...

Having gone through the contents of the site one wonders if the people who put it together are living in 2008 or 1908.

Its so nieve--almost kindergarden in its content.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the previous comment. I watched several of the videos. I don't know if the "answers" they're trying to provide really get at the type of questions the world is now asking. I'd like to see something like this with better content...maybe they can get David Bentley Hart to do a few videos from inside a local pub.

Bob said...

I applaud the feel and thrust of what this site is about. An intelligent, helpful resource developed for a popular level.

Anonymous said...

Someone who wants to describe someone else's work as naive really should first be able to spell naive... (with or without umlaut)

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