Wednesday 26 March 2008

Democracy's finest hour

Here in my home state of Queensland, a mayor has been elected by having his name drawn out of a hat. I think this is a major step forwards for democratic procedure, and I hope the Democrats in the US will have the good sense to adopt the same method (tossing a coin is also acceptable).

Alternatively, the brilliant TV series Deadwood also contains many great insights about how to form and maintain a government (WARNING: if an avalanche of foul language might offend you, then you’d better not click that link...).


Anonymous said...

Given the outcome of our recent collective wisdom, the US might be better served to accidentally lose the hat.

Murray said...

This is the way that we should choose our bishops. Have an election that chooses two people, then let the Spirit choose between them a-la-Acts-1.

David Williamson said...

I've yet to explore Deadwood, but has The Wire reached Aussie screens? Believe the hype, it's the "finest television programme since the invention of radio".

Doug said...

Wow. Queensland teaches the world about democracy. It's come a long way since the days of your birth in Bjelke Jo's banana republic :-)

Anonymous said...

The Church of England always elects people by drawing lots in this way.

This procedure is enshrined in the rules for both STV and first-past-the-post voting, and is generally acknowledged as the best way to reach a decision.

It's certainly fairer than having a "chairman" make a "casting vote" which would be bound to be contested for its lack of neutrality. It's certainly better than re-running the whole contest, which would be massively costly, annoying and delayed.

(Of course, I am only speaking of the occasions when the poll has produced an equality of votes - as was the case in the election you cite.)

And it is also sanctioned in the bible. In fact, it's lots better than any other solution.

Yours in Christ - JOHN HARTLEY.

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