Thursday 16 November 2006

Theology for beginners

You might have noticed that my interest in the Theology for Beginners series has lapsed for a few weeks – but I’ve finally found the time and energy to write the last two posts (“Completion” and “Glorification”). So I’ll aim to post these within the next week or two. Sorry for the delay – and thanks to all those who sent me emails prodding me to finish the series!

Mark from Beer Hall Revival has designed a very nice Theology for Beginners drop-down menu for his sidebar, so I might put this on the sidebar here for a few weeks too once the series is finished.

Later, I might also try to post a few retrospective additions to the series, e.g. a post on revelation, a post on the divine perfections, and an alternative opening post (the first post, on Faith, is really the worst part of the series – and, as some readers suggested, I’d like to try starting with “Gospel” instead).

Finally, a big thanks to the friends who’ve helped me with the series: in particular, Mike Bird and Jim West gave me feedback on drafts of the OT- and NT-related posts, and Kim Fabricius gave me generous feedback on many of the drafted posts. The series would have been a lot worse without all this help!


Anonymous said...

Whaddya mean, "would have been a lot worse"? The series is great!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,

I'm really looking forward to its completion and the retrospective additions. I have been sharing your posts to lists which i belong. Keep up the good works, I assure you many are being blessed.

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