Monday 20 November 2006

Interdisciplinary controversy

“But the systematic theologian must not shy away from interdisciplinary controversy…. Controversy is far better than unrelated coexistence, because in controversy we are still concerned for the truth, which is only one.”

—Wolfhart Pannenberg, An Introduction to Systematic Theology (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1991), p. 19.


byron smith said...

Better to be hated than ignored.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Byron, "ignored" is under-rated! :)

Anonymous said...

Arnold Toynbee argued at one point that Western Civilization's turning-point (downwards toward inevitable failure) was the end of the Hundred-Years War, when Catholic and Protestant states agreed that religion was no longer important enough to fight wars and kill over. That always seemed to me a strange criterion for what makes a civilization "civilized."

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