Tuesday 30 September 2008

Around the traps

  • A Spectator piece by Rowan Williams on market idolatry
  • The new Bulgakov blog-conference is now up and running at Land of Unlikeness
  • David has completed a brilliant series on missional theology, where he argues that the future of Barthian dogmatics lies with the concept of “mission”
  • And speaking of Barth, this guy is working his way through the Church Dogmatics five pages at a time: apparently five pages a day will get you through the whole work in five years
  • In addition to the excellent Theological German blog, Celucien Joseph has now kicked off a new blog for Theological French
  • Halden’s latest posts are engaging theologically with the Fourth Gospel
  • A. N. Wilson interviews Rowan Williams about his (absolutely wonderful) new book on Dostoevsky

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Anonymous said...

Hey there,
thanks for linking to our Bulgakov Blog conference.

I, too, am reading the Dostoevsky book and have loved what I've read so far.

Keep on truckin!


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