Wednesday 17 September 2008

Book giveaway winners...

Okay, time to give away some books. Thanks for all the colourful entries – there were lots of excellent comments, and it was really impossible to choose the best one. So I’ve chosen three from the long list of comments (you can read all the comments here):

First of all, I really liked David Bruner’s comment, which spoke very nicely of Barth’s breadth, his joy, and his emphasis on mission (“I feel like IV/3 is the real secret gem of CD” – yes, absolutely!).

Second, I chose Keith Williams’ entertaining three points: “1. On a first read, I barely understand anything; 2. On a second read, I feel like I’m plumbing new depths of theological insight; 3. On a third read, I’m not sure I’ve understood anything.” Something all readers of Barth can relate to!

Finally, I couldn’t overlook Halden’s comment – it’s short and to the point (1. Barth’s doctrine of election; 2. his Romans commentary; 3. his radical politics), but it gets extra points for summing up everything I like best about Barth. Plus, anyone with a blog as good as Halden’s really deserves a free book once in a while.

So each of these folks will receive an advance copy of Bruce McCormack’s new book, Orthodox and Modern: Studies in the Theology of Karl Barth. Many thanks to Baker Academic for providing these complimentary copies – and thanks to everyone who participated! Stay tuned shortly for a full review of the book.


David Bruner said...

Score! Thanks, Ben, for making my day.

Halden said...

Sweet! Always happy to find a new home for good books. Thanks, Ben.

Anonymous said...

Too bad, I like that guy who talked about Barth good boudaries with Lolo. Halden may deserve a free book, but his answer lacked creativity

Ben Myers said...

Hey David, can you email me with your shipping address?

David Bruner said...

Yep, happy to.

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