Monday 30 June 2008

St Paul, philosophy and politics

Geoff Holsclaw has posted some reflections on the recent Vancouver conference on Paul and philosophy. Anyone else care to offer their impressions of the conference?


Anonymous said...

My reflections aren't nearly as substantial as Geoff's; I left mostly thinking I need to re-read most of the works covered in the seminar, and with a renewed sense of the importance of Benjamin.
Having said that, I also left feeling that even as the emphasis on Paul served to focus the discussion, that same focus kept us from discussing very interesting portions of these author's works. For example, Agamben's Homo Sacer trilogy was barely mentioned, and yet the relationship between the Law's operation and the status of being-human seems to be central to Paul's thought and a fruitful entry point into Political Theology.

I left thinking that these might be some thoughts worth pursuing further:

-Messianic Time
-The relationship between the term "Neighbor" and Schmitt's "friend/enemy" distinction.
-how models of the church-as-polis might presuppose the persistence of the other, thus negating any possibility of reconciliation

Finally, I left thinking that such cross-discipline conversations as this conference engendered are really helpful for sharpening all the disciplines involved.

Anonymous said...

Mine are here:

Geoff's paper was good. If they don't publish, request it from him. Marquette represent!

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