Monday 2 June 2008

Once more with Dr Seuss

In response to my question – what do Karl Barth and Dr Seuss have in common? – our friend Tortoise has written a delightful piece of Seussian poetry. You do not want to miss this! (UPDATE: The folks at WJKP liked this poem so much, they’ve kindly provided Tortoise with an additional giveaway copy of The Parables of Dr. Seuss.)

And in response to the recent review of Dr Seuss, Weekend Fisher also has an exceptionally good post. She observes that Dr Seuss is distorted whenever we “try to take a ‘deeper meaning’ than joy and delight from his books…. Wonder and gladness are precisely the deeper meaning of those books.”


Anonymous said...

Ben, I have listed your blog as a "Blog That Makes My Day." See

Edwardtbabinski said...

Watch on Youtube ~ Dr. Seuss Bible ~ by The Kids In The Hall

The New Testament according to Dr. Seuss

And now for the Dr. Seuss Bible:
One day God said, "This is what I will do:
I'll send down my son. I'll send him to you
To clear up this humpity bumpity hullaballoo.
His name will be Christ and he'll never wear shoes.
His pals will all call him 'The King of the Jews.'"
He didn't come in a plane.
He didn't come in a Jeep.
He didn't come in a pouch
Of a high jumping Voveep.
He rode on the back of a black Sassatoo
Which is the blackiest creature you ever could view.
He rode to Jerusalem -- home of the grumpity Jews
Where false prophets were worshiped -- some even in twos.
There was Murray VonMyrrh and Ghengis Vovooz --
The one you could worship by taking a snooze.
Christ spoke from a mound
Which is a pile of ground.
People gathered around
Without making a sound.
Thus he spake:
"Sin in socks
Socks full of sin.
How do we quiet
This Jehovaty din?
Do unto others as they do unto you.
That includes you, young Timothy Foo."
One pharisee said to another he knew,
"What shall we do with this uppity Jew?"
"Let's wash him in wine and make him all clean
And into Sam Zittle's crucifiction machine."
Twirl the Gawhirl
And release the Galeese
And in go the nails
As fast as you please.
And it is said
That he said as he bled,"Forgive them Father,
for they know not what they do.
For they walk throughout life in toe crampity shoes."
Do you?

Edwardtbabinski said...

Dr. Seuss, Theodor Geisel, was married by a justice of the peace, and he was cremated without a funeral. Not sure what that says about his religious commitment, but it seems difficult to say since he doesn't seem to have said much if anything quotable on the topic of religion at all. If anybody does find something to that effect please let me know!

Edward T. Babinski

Anonymous said...

Hey Ben, the book arrived this morning. Many thanks!

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