Sunday 15 June 2008

World youth day: Benedict XVI in Sydney

Next month, hundreds of thousands of Catholics will be descending on Sydney for World Youth Day 2008. The cover story of today’s Weekend Australian Magazine is a nice piece on Benedict XVI, written by the conservative Catholic politician Tony Abbott. Unfortunately it’s not yet available on the magazine website – but here’s the best part:

“If anyone is capable of providing persuasive answers [to contemporary questions about faith and spirituality], it’s the former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, described by Sydney’s Cardinal George Pell as the world’s ‘most distinguished living Catholic theologian’. On the other hand, if any organisation is capable of turning what could be a historic, liberating moment into the religious version of a corporate general meeting, with singing, it’s the Australian Catholic Church…. The danger is that the Pope will be suffocated in formality and expected to read committee-drafted scripts [e.g. an apology to victims of sexual abuse] rather than allowed to ‘dwell amongst us full of grace and truth’.”


bls said...

Well, when you're Vicar of Christ.....

Mark Stevens said...

It was a great read. I picked up the piece expecting it to be about Tony (whom I am not all that fond of) and then was pleasantly surprised when I discovered he wrote it. I have just returned from a retreat at a Jesuit winery in the Clare Valley (gee it was tough!) and every now and again I would look at one of the Jesuit Priests and think to my self, "could I see Tony Abbott doing this?" It gave me a chuckle.

Anonymous said...

He'll be welcomed with music from around the world.

sounds good.

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